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Freelance IT Specialist
I have been working for more than 30 years as an IT manager for a German medium-sized service company with many individual profit centers throughout Germany. Since I intend to work as a freelancer here is an extraction of my activities and skills.
I'm Burkhard
About Me
I oversee the computing needs across a company. I coordinate the functions of all computer systems of the organization they work for and see to it that all hardware, software, networks, and related applications work correctly and efficiently.

Your benefit

My clearly above-average analytical strength and sensitivity in dealing with complex requirements.

Assistant to the management. Selection/installation and configuration of hardware (server, workstation, network). Installation Support and maintenance of the existing virtualized server landscape and adaptation to current conditions. Software maintenance of third party software and operating systems (Windows, Unix).

Creation/planning of VPN-LAN connections, development and programming of individual software in Cobol, C, Java, SQL, etc. . Adaptation of operating systems and software to the specific needs of the company and partner companies (group of companies). Supervision and optimization of operations, the construction, support and management of company networks and servers. Adapting existing systems to special organizational structures and providing qualified services, such as user service and training.  Planning network and system administration and assessing the performance of computer networks. Integration of new and existing standard software into the existing infrastructure.  Providing technical leadership, selecting as well as onboarding new project staff, reviewing deliverables, and chairing meetings.

Autodidactic training and good practical knowledge:
C and Java programming languages, UNIX operating systems, shell programming, web design, image and video editing. Virtualization with Vmware old and new server and workstation. Digitization, backup and recovery of data.
33+ Years Experience

Data Recovery

Data Backup

Perfected workflow.
For a smooth project flow.
Installation, support, documentation and expansion of customer systems. Planning, implementation and administration of IT infrastructures (network, hardware, software). Technical conception and implementation of projects. Coordination of suppliers, service providers and manufacturer hotlines. Monitoring of data backup, data recovery.
You will be satisfied.
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